Ryan Mallett in the Top 15?

The more I hear about this draft the more I think that Ryan Mallett will be a surprise. You have to have an extraordinary skill to make the top 15 and Mallett does, his arm. As much as people want to talk about mobility, it is still a quarterback's ability from the pocket that decides games. When I watched these quarterbacks play, only one looked like a classic NFL quarterback to me, Ryan Mallett.

Sometimes mobility is a negative. I see a little of that with all of the other quarterbacks in the draft. In college, moving around is easier for an athletic QB. In the NFL, the guys chasing them are just as fast or faster. Mobility also cuts down on a quarterback's willingness to stand in the pocket and read-it-out. The one guy that HAD to stand in the pocket and read-it-out was Ryan Mallett. He had no choice, he was too slow. Mallett has faced SEC pass rushers and blitzers. He has stood in the pocket and gotten hit as he releases the ball. Mobile QBs don't do a lot of that in college and the transition is tougher. I may be completely off, but more and more I am hearing positive comments about Mallett, and it only takes one of those quarterback needy teams to jump.

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